Old T-shirt Upcycle: How To

I know I'm not the only one who has bought a cheap shirt from wal-mart only to have it shrink the 1st time you wash it. That's the story of this purple t-shirt. Perfectly fine, but much to small and not long enough. I have been seeing amazing upcycles in the blog world lately and it really makes you look at unused items differently. I was going through my closet and thought, "what could I make out of this?" Well....these are the things I made!!!
My mother in law gave us a bunch of plastic headbands, so I had an idea to make a fun head band out of the left over scraps. If it didn't work, I hadn't spent anything but time.Here are the tutorials if you'd like to give it a try.: )
If you are a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, be warned that I'm not. I never use a pattern and hardly ever even have a plan when I begin. Consider yourself warned. ha!
(Click on them to enlarge them)


sara said...

holy cow, you are awesome! i want to see Kennedy in that dress!!! those tutorials are so great! good job girl!