Swimming Lessons

Align Center
Kennedy started swimming lessons this last Wednesday and she was SO excited! She wanted to wear her new goggles the whole time (even in the car on the way- I made her raise them up for the 2nd picture). When it came time for the actual lessons, she was so excited she almost couldn't listen to the instructions. ha! She did a great job though and and it was so precious to hear her squeal with excitement during her lesson. She can't wait to go back. Ms. Erin was great with her and Kennedy loved her. I think she is going to learn so much!

I love her little swimsuit. My mom got it for her. She looks so precious. : )

After her lessons we got to go look at the big concrete turtle, look at all of the flowers, and sit in the big chair. Fun day!


Christy said...

Was this at the Jones Center? It looks like she was the only child, did you get her private lessons? How much did it cost? Sorry, questions questions. :)

Lydia said...

Aawwhhh...SO CUTE!