10 years ago!!!

Ten years ago I married this sweet guy.
Good move on my part.
A true blessing from the Lord.
He is patient, kind, fun, loving, forgiving, and most of all he sticks with me, loving me and helping me understand more of my heavenly Father's unconditional love. I am so thankful for him. We are NOT perfect and have our completely dysfunctional moments just like anyone else, but we always push through those times and make sure we come out of them better than we were before. We were married for 6 years before we had kiddos and now that I am able to see him as a father, a GREAT father, I love him even more! Happy Anniversary Dase!!!

Father God, Thank you for the blessing of putting this man in my life. Thank you for your patience with us as we try to love as You showed us to love. Thank you for constantly teaching us, humbling us, and loving us. We are so grateful to You for the life you have given us. I pray that we would live our lives in a way that honors You ad brings You Glory. I pray this in Your precious name. Amen


Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

Lydia said...

Happy 10 years! Love you guys!

The Lane Family said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! We will also be married 10 years this year...time flies when you are having fun! We are both blessed. Love ya!

sara said...

love it. such a sweet picture. :)

Mitzi said...

Happy Anniversary friend. Remember that special day! You were such a beautiful bride. Love you!