Cheap Whiteboard idea

A while back I redid my kitchen and even though we use our white board all of the time, our old white board had to go, so I whipped up a much cuter one. I didn't even think to take a picture of that though. : )
This last weekend I was telling my friend Ashley how to do it and it got me thinking that I should post it on here for you guys.
Align Center
I just got a $3 document frame from Wal-mart, sort of like this one, so it would lay flat on my refrigerator...
and placed a piece of plain white card stock under the glass
(which wipes off just as easily as whiteboards do).
Wala! A perfect dry erase board!
The possibilities are endless with this. You could use scrap book paper underneath the glass, burlap, or just about anything to personalize it to your style, but I just wanted it to be simple white.
Then I attached it to the fridge with 3M strips and it has been sturdy ever since (going on about 3-4 months). I also attached my old marker board pen and holder at the top with a little sticky tack. It works wonderfully!!!! I write things down as soon as I use it and then I don't have to go through the list making process when it's time to run to the store. I also jot down little things that Kennedy has said near the bottom, to tide my memory over until I can write it down in her journal. I would hate to forget any of those sweet memories. : )

Another tip:
Take a picture of the board really quickly before you go to the store. List making made easy (and also easier to keep track of).


Heidi said...

you're such a clever, crafty gal!