Homemade sidewalk chalk

Thanks to our fun friend Sara, I got inspired to do some crafts with the girls.
She's always inspiring me to be more intentional with my girls.
I know that I am usually a crafty person, but for some reason, we have been in a craft rut at the Keylor house...we cook together, we paint, we color in coloring books, but nothing super fun.
When I saw this idea on Sara's blog, I knew Kennedy would have a blast with it!


  • cornstarch
  • water
  • generous dose of food coloring
(No real measurements here, just add a little water and stir. It will have a thick feel to it b/c of the cornstarch, but if you keep on stirring it, it will thin out.)

We had our friend's, The Tuckers, over and Jane is super artsy as well, so I knew she'd want to do it with us.

You could already begin to see how vibrant the colors were drying.
We started to get a little nervous about it coming off the kids and pavement.

Even Dasun got involved. He enjoys being artsy from time to time too.

And this is what it looked like a little while later all dry...beautiful!!!
Kennedy loved seeing it change colors!

Off the make fun popsicles next (seriously check out her blog). : )


sara @ it's good to be queen said...

you are awesome, i love you.

I'm so glad you guys did this! I love that Dasun joined in. :)