I sewed actual dresses!!!

Some call it smocking, some call it shirring, but I saw a tutorial and decided to go for it. I normally hate sewing, even easy sewing, so I don't know why I keep coming back to it. I am pretty sure that's the very definition of insanity. There's just something about trying something that's hard for you and accomplishing it.
I wanted to make the girls matching dresses so that I could take their pictures for a surprise photo shoot for Dasun's Father's Day. The dresses are not perfect, but the beauty of smocking is that it's pretty forgiving. I can't say that I loved the process of sewing them, but I was so excited when they were done! I ran in and woke up my poor husband so he could see them. I knew I wouldn't see him in the morning and I just couldn't wait to show him. He's such a trooper for putting up with me! ha!

You basically 1) hem the separate pieces, 2) sew them together on one side, 3) shir the top section, 4) sew the other side together, and 5) then sew the straps on.
Here are the finished products, and the sweet little girls they were made for. : )

To see the Father's Day present, click here.
I did different ties to individualize the dresses a little bit. Kennedy's is a halter.
Check out the tutorial and give it a try! If you do, please send me pictures. I'd love to see. : )


Heidi said...

Good job! they look so sweet - wish I had a girly girl to make one for! :)

The Rainers said...

Love all the posts and catching up!! Looks like y'all had so much fun in LA!! LOVE the way you framed the pictures!! Beautiful job... we will begin to work on my 5k when I get back :-)