My 1st 5K!

y friends Olivia (the work horse) and Sara (el dynamite') and I have been training for a while and this past weekend we ran our first 5K. I won't say it was fun, but these girls make everything more fun. : )
I am just glad I made it and didn't have to leave on a stretcher. ha! It was so hot and I am not used to running during the day, so the heat made it a lot harder for me. I also got back from Los Angeles the night before and on the day of I got really sick to my stomach before and after the race...not good. I was determined to run after all that training though. I think we are going to do another one in October, so we don't go back to our lazy ways.


righteousnessbyfaith said...

that's so great that you are running! Congrats on the 5K!

Katie said...

Yea Ashley! They are addicting, so you better beware. Girl, next time you better wear some shorts. You're making me hot in those capris!! You could probably run in a swimsuit this summer and still be drenching. This heat is hard to run in.

The Keylors said...

ha! ha! I don't wear shorts very often and certainly not when I am going to be jiggling in public. ha! I'm way too self-conscious!

How are you?! It's been such a long time since I have talked to you!