Our 10th Anniversary Trip!!!

We left our girls for the first time and headed to Los Angeles for our 10th Anniversary! I had let Kennedy spend the night with my mom and dad before, but only for one night. It was very hard for me to leave the girls...very hard. I knew they would be fine with my parents, I was just going to miss them. I am horrible with goodbyes. I am normally such an optimistic gal, but when it comes to leaving or being left, I turn into a worry wart. I prayed lots of prayers for my worries to end and for all of our protection while we were gone. I was so proud of myself, I did great and we had a great time!

The first day we did all of our touristy stuff.
We went to the Farmer's Market where Dasun got to eat at his favorite restaurant.
Then we went to Beverly Hills and got to see the famous hotel and Rodeo Drive.
Not to mention some of the biggest palm trees I have EVER seen. This picture doesn't do it justice...we're talking BIG.
Then we cruised the Sunset strip as we headed to Hollywood.
We saw the Grauman Theatre where all the handprints and footprints are. It was pretty cool to think that we were standing and putting our feet and hands where these people had.
Then we saw the wax museum where this huge Shrek was.
We walked the Hollywood stars (that went on much longer than I thought).
Then we got to go up on the highest part of a shopping center and we got to see the Hollywood sign.
Our next stop was California Pizza Kitchen...yummo!The next day we headed up to Malibu (per my friend Dena's recommendation). It was such a beautiful drive! We got to drive along the ocean almost the whole way.
After we got to the beach, we realized that is was STINKIN cold! ha! I was thinking...california...laying out...swimming...uhhh, not so much.
I grabbed a sweater as I ran out the door just in case the plane was cold and I think I wore it almost everyday. We found this beautiful pier and we got to watch people surf, fish, and swim as we ate in the diner at the end. It was a little 50's diner and it was adorable!
If you look really closely, you'll see tons of surfers (the little black spots on the picture). Notice they are all wearing wet suits...yeah...cold.
That night we found this yogurt place called Yogurtland, that only charges 30 cents an ounce for whatever you want...toppings, yogurt, etc.. Dasun got pistachio yogurt with almonds. I got vanilla with strawberries and captain crunch...pretty darn yummy!
The next day we got up and headed to Marina Del Ray to see all of the sail boats. It was a really pretty area. We got to stop by a jamba juice on the way and had a tasty smoothie before we headed out to see the boats.
Then we headed to the famous Venice Beach. Just read the store's sign and you'll get the basic idea. ha! It was definitely a unique and crazy place. We saw Muscle beach where Arnold Schwartzenegger got his start and saw a lot of other things as well. ha!
We went back to the hotel to get changed and ready for our night out, then we headed to the Cheescake factory for a yummy meal and DE-licious cheescake!

Next stop...Santa Monica Pier.: ) We had a great time and got to see beautiful views from the farris wheel ride. It was amazing because it was over the ocean and it was almost as if we were going to tip into the ocean.

The next day was our last day, so we took advantage of our beautiful pool (and it was the prettiest pool I have ever seen at a hotel).
Then we headed for the last stop on our to do list...IN-N-OUT Burger! It was delicious and pretty amazing to see huge airplanes fly over us as we ate.

This is us saying goodbye to our wonderful GPS that kept us sain and quite possibly saved our marriage. Oh how we loved her. : ) ha!
The only cons: We weren't too happy about having to pay for parking every where we went (usually to the tune of $6-8 dollars), and we weren't super excited about the crazy traffic, but we had a great time and it made us even more thankful to come back home. I was so excited to see the girls. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I got off the plane. I love our little family and I feel so incredibly blessed to be a wife to Dasun and a mommy to my girls! They make me so happy. : )


Jenny said...

So sweet! It looks like you guys had a great time! :)

sara @ it's good to be queen said...

great pictures! that looks so fun...I look forward to AJ & I having a 10th anniversary trip! oh and the pic of you with the fishing pole is great...your legs look hot!! :)

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

what a fun trip! happy anniversary! Congrats on your first 5K, way to go! running in the fall will be MUCH cooler and easier!

Heidi said...

So happy for ya'll to have such a sweet get-away together! We'll celebrate #10 this Aug!