4th Family Fun!!!

We got to spend the weekend with my parents which is a rare treat.
If we spend time with them, it's usually only for a quick dinner here and there, so to have Saturday night and Sunday with them was really nice.
I think people assume that if you live close, you get to see each other all of the time.
It's true that you get to see each other more often, but sometime, especially with kids, the quality of the time is sacrificed.
I love being able to have a little time sans kids, to have uninterrupted conversations and just enjoy each others company.
My mom has a little hair now and even though she's still really self-conscious,
I think she looks great. She's so cute. : )

"Playing Fight" with noodles:
My mom kept going after Dasun and I was cracking up.
No fuddy duddy's at the Hillian House. ha! I love that they are always up for being silly with us.
We set off a few fireworks Saturday night.
My mom was the favorite for the weekend (especially with fireworks).
I am always stumped at how kids seem to switch back and forth between their preferences.
One weekend it will be, "I want papa to play this with me." and the next weekend it's Mimi this and Mimi that.
She does the same thing at home...fickle fickle. : )
The next morning we got up early and hit the lake.
Here's my cute dad!
Then, despite the chilly weather, we hopped out for a swim.
Kennedy was freaking out for some reason.
She usually LOVES all things water. Last year she was jumping out of the boat, inspiring courage in her older nephews, even up to a week ago she was doing great,
but not this weekend...freaking.out.
We were just glad to get her in the water at all.
Then, to our amazement, we got her to go on her first tube ride with Dasun.
A slow ride, but still a ride!
Adelynn loved the boat.
It's super relaxing for kiddos.
I have a picture of Kennedy, about this same age, doing the same thing...zzzzzz. Precious!
Kennedy also discovered this "cave" and it was her spot the rest of the time. : )
4th of July night: All dressed in red, white, and blue. : )
My grandma, my parents, and the fam.
This was right before setting off fireworks, so the pictures are a tad dark.
I found a tutorial online for red, white, and blue popsicles,
but I didn't have any blue, so we just did red and white.
They were a hit!
even Adelynn got in on the action.
Yummy, but MESSY! Which brings me to my new favorite thing...
color safe bleach!
I have tried every kind of spot remover except that until now.
RED Kool-aid out of WHITE shorts people! Completely gone!
And last but not least...a wee bit o' silliness from my mom and I.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed watching her play with the girls this weekend.
She is so good at being a kid, seizing the moment, and just making things even more fun!
I am so thankful for her.
I wish you could have seen she and Kennedy with their sparklers...
singing with them, dancing with them, being silly with them...great memories. : )

My parents are such a blessing to me. I feel like the luckiest girl ever when we are all together.
I have precious parents that are not only extremely kind and generous, but are also really fun.
I have a husband that loves the Lord, loves his family, and loves spending time with us
(and happens to be really cute to boot)
and I have two beautiful girls that are constantly bringing me joy.
I am really striving to soak this all up.
Thank you Lord for undeserved blessings...thank you so much. : )


Kendra said...

Sweet family time Ashley!! Love all your pictures. Your mom looks beautiful! No wonder you are such a an awesome lady...good fam girl!! Love you!! :)

Alisha said...

Sweet pictures - love the memories too! So glad your mom is doing so well!

Jenny said...

I loved seeing these pictures of your family playing together. Your mom looks great!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

your mom looks awesome! so young and beautiful and I can't look at your dad without thinking of Jesus from his Easter performance days :)

Lydia said...

Love all the pics! Fun times!

writing4612 said...

Your mom looks awesome! I wish I could pull off short hair.