Ness and the Boys

My sister and I got to spend a little time together while she was down visiting.
We got to have a pedicure, after which I backed into a HUGE cement block while trying to avoid a really long car that was parked really close to me.
Nice b-day surprise.
Then we got to go to Starbucks and drive around talking for a little while.
It was nice to get to spend a little time sans kids.

Later that night, we went to a place that Kennedy has been asking to go for a while.
We crack up about it because this place is a tiny little surplus store that happens to have some animal statues outside.
Every time we drive by, she yells,
"Mama, the statues!, the statues!!"
She asked if we could please go see the statues sometime and when I said yes, she said,
"Thank you mama! Yea! We are going to go see the statues!"