Singin' in the Rain

While Adelynn was taking a nap a couple weeks ago, during the week of torrential, never ending rain, I tried to get Kennedy to go play in the rain with me.
She is such a mixture of caution and craziness.
Sometimes leary of change or something new, and sometimes fearless.
After I convinced her that it would be fun, we headed out.

LOVE this picture!!!

and this one : )

My drawing of Kennedy

Lots of bubble blowing fun was also had (and bubble catching with her umbrella)

Then when Dasun got home, she wanted to go out again.
She asked Dasun to draw our pictures...he obliged. ha!!!

His version of me: (check out my feet!)

Then he drew Kennedy and we laid down beside his creations. : )

Dasun and Kennedy drawing our home and family

This picture makes me so happy...so thankful!