Adelynn's 1st Birthday!!!

One year ago today I had a beautiful baby girl.
A year ago?? really??
Is that even possible?
This year has gone by incredibly fast and the fact that my little bitty is still only wearing 3-6 months clothes has kind of helped me keep the illusion that she's still a baby.
She is one of the biggest joys of my day...her grin, her sweet laugh, her grunts for anything edible, her little nose crinkles, her sweet little arms and legs.
I. love. every. inch.
I feel so blessed to be a mama of two beautiful healthy girls.
So blessed!

We had a little birthday celebration for her and her grandparents came to share the day with us.
Here are some pictures from our fun weekend:

The Cakes I made for Adelynn's B-day

My mother in law (Sue) bought me some fun cake decorating tools for my birthday. After I finished the cakes, we played around with the extra icing and tried to figure out how to make all sorts of designs like The Cake Boss does.
Nevermind that some of our "roses" looked more like bell peppers. ha!

Yeah...we're pretty much pros now. ha!!
We stayed up until 4 am talking and laughing.
It's nice to have a fellow late-nighter staying over. Fun times!

The next morning came really quickly though.
Then we had to have a lazy morning complete with bed wrestling and pillow fights.

Then it was time to get ready for the party!!!

Oh how I love this girl!!!!!

A wee bit o pizza

Big smiles while eating a mouthful of pizza. : )

Dasun and his mama (love this picture!)

Sweet Kennedy : )

G.G. --Mama Imogene (The girls' great grandmother)

Momma Sue (Who Adelynn and Dasun got their beautiful blue eyes from)

My mom, me, Dasun's mom, and Mama Imogene

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Adelynn, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Present time!!!

This was a beautiful toy box that my mom got for Adelynn.

Adelynn's favorite toy = a piece of trash from her yogurt snacks. Go figure. : )


Jenny said...

Happy birthday, Adelynn!! I can't believe she's still wearing 3-6 mos. What a little cutie! Her smile is precious.

Madison said...

The cakes turned out great!

I still have the toy box that a family member made for me. I keep special things in it now. Hope Adelynn had a fabulous birthday!