Dairy Dilemna

Oh sad day...I am officially allergic to milk.
I have been having theses random bouts of flu like symptoms only to be fine a few hours later and could not figure out what in the world was going on.
I have been drinking tons of milk ever since I remember...tons.
We are talking 1 gallon every 2 days all by my lonesome.
Had to take a bone density scan in college for extra credit and my bone density was off the charts.
I LOVE milk. : )
I pretty much love all things dairy, namely ice cream.
...and now I am in sort of a milk mourning phase.
My morning, snack, and evening milk habits--finito
My midnight routine of sitting with a huge tub of Blue Bell ice cream--no more.
I have been on the search for some alternatives, because I miss it dearly.

Here's my new best friend:

It is yogurt, so bodies react differently than with regular dairy,
and it is super CREAMY and YUMMY!!!

I am also digging the chocolate silk. It's surprisingly delicious and I get to have that beautiful milk feeling in the morning again. Woo hoo!