Fun with Mimi and Papa

My mom wanted to have us over for dinner last week and this is what I saw as I first came in...

We had an amazing dinner and then we went outside to enjoy the BEAUtiful weather!!! My dad has a 4 wheeler, and Kennedy wasn't so sure she wanted anything to do with it, but she finally said she would go if I went with her.
Pretty soon she was loving it and yelling "FASTER!! FASTER!!!"
She loves fun things, and is really quite the daredevil, but has to have a little push. : )
Mimi and Papa are so much fun to be around...always a good time!
Adelynn didn't want to miss out on the fun either. She kept reaching out for the big kid bike, so Mimi obliged. I had to get a little picture of her little toes and fingers holding on for dear life.
hee hee...so cute!
I. love. those. fingers.
Next we tried the tricycle...also fun!
It's also a stellar leg work out! Woosh...I was exhausted pushing that little thing around while squatting.
Worth it to see that grin though. : )


Laurel said...

We bought a tricycle from Target that has a pole for pushing either when they're too young or when they're older but get tired - I love that bike and both kids got a lot of use out of it.

Jenny said...

I see you went to dinner straight from school - nice nametag. ;) We're looking forward to having you back!