Gotta Get My Read On...

School is definitely in session for this gal.
I have so many books that I want to read and I have got to be more disciplined about sitting down and getting it done.
I am setting a goal of at least 1 chapter a day and I am putting it on here, so that I'll have some accountability.
There are so many awesome books out right now!
I actually cut myself off and made a rule:
I can't buy anymore until I read the ones I already have. : )

Three that are 1st on my list:

12 chapters + 12 chapters + 10 chapters = 34 chapters

That means that if I REALLY get it together, I can almost be done with every book on my bedside table in 1 month! The last book is actually for our community group, so I won't actually have to finish it as quickly.

Alright people, keep me accountable...ask me how it's going. : )


Jenny said...

I'm with you! There are several books I want/need to read also, though most of mine are for school. :)

~Our 2 little Lady bugs~ said...

Well.....How are you doing? You should be at least 4 chapters closer to your goal. I am a sucker for books too, but I have to read before purchasing anymore. That humility books like one that I might need to add to my list. Let me know how it is.