My First Applique

As promised, this little craft is dedicated to my friend Lisa Wray, who has started referring to me as "Martha." ha!! Uhhh...not even close! I don't go to Africa to get ingredients for any of my meals, I certainly don't have anyone offering me money to do a magazine or a tv show, and I know nothing about investments, so I'm safe there too. ha!

I decided to do a little pillow for Kennedy's preschool nap time and I thought this would be fun (and easy). I got some fabric, some applique material, and a little $2 travel pillow from Walgreens that came with a basic white case. The whole project cost about $5 (pillow included). In Martha's honor, I'll post a link to her tutorial on appliques here. : )

I originally planned on doing her name, but was a little worried about figuring out reversals, so I decided to stick with basic circles. I then used a fabric pen to draw some cute letters in the center of the circles and to go around the edges of the circles for definition. I also stitched everything by hand, because I didn't really want to get all of my sewing stuff out. So those of you without sewing machines can do this easily. It's nothing fancy, but Kennedy loved it and she couldn't wait to go take a nap with it. That's pretty amazing in and of itself. ha!