Dasun's Birthday!

We celebrated Dasun's 34th B-day this month! He got a new Under Armour hat, some "candies" that K picked out and a donation to his ski trip fund that he's been saving up for. : )

I tried to make a homemade ice cream cake. : ) It was SO INCREDIBLY MESSY TO MAKE! I literally had melted sticky ice cream everywhere in my kitchen. ha!
It was yummy and made my husband SO happy, so it was definitely worth it.

Ice cream, hot fudge, cookies, ... how can you go wrong?!
Make sure you break out your muscle shirt before try to cut it.
This baby gave me a work out. : )


Lydia said...

Happy birthday Dasun!! Ash~ you are so impressive. No way in the world could I ever make an ice cream cake. :)

The Rainers said...