Guest Bathroom Makeover

I am finally getting on here to post before and after pictures of my bathroom.
In my defense of the before picture, palm trees were very in a while back
and I was so happy to have something that actually matched.
Even so, I got tired of it, as I usually do with "theme" decor, so I was ready for change.
I wanted to do something fun since it's our girls' bathroom,
but also keep it subtle since it's also the guest bathroom.

I found a curtain I LOVED at Target and it was ON SALE!!! I got it for $12, so I was happy about that. : )
Then I found some ribbon in my ribbon drawer and decided to add some little ties to my curtain hooks. They make me so happy!
Then I got some towels at Wal-mart, because I am a big spender like that.
They were the only ones even close to matching the curtain, but they were still to dark, so I made some bleach water and watched them carefully until they were about the right shade.
WOO HOO...it worked and they were a match!
I found some more ribbon in my drawer and since I am trying to get outside of my type-A self (ha!), I even got different patterns. My friend Laura would be so proud. : )
I pinned it where I wanted it and stitched it across. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I think it made such a big difference.

I also found some old scrap wood in our garage. sanded it a bit, painted it white, painted "Take a bath" in Italian and then distressed it a bit. It reminds me of the time we got to backpack through Europe for a a couple of weeks, so that makes it even more special to me. I love when things carry meaning with them. I also got a K monogrammed on the main towel.

Oh and then there was the candle holder (which I already told you about here) and the black frame.
Better, no? I have seen prettier bathrooms, but think it's pretty cute and much better than my palm tree bathroom. : )

Curtain: $12
Towels: $8
Monogram: $6
Shower hooks: $3
Ribbon: free
Peanut can candle: free
Bath sign: free
Total= $29
(about the same price as a usual shower curtain)


Heidi said...

VERY cute!!
I didn't know you back packed through europe! David and I did too (a few weeks in February of 2000) Italy was my favorite, especially Florence and the Amalfi coast.

Ashley said...

Looks great! I can't believe you only spent $29. You are so creative!

sara @ it's good to be queen said...

You did such a great job. you know i love it. :)