Kennedy's Race (hee hee)

Sunday we had the big New School Fun Run after church. Dasun signed Kennedy up to run again this year. She was practicing at church and was doing pretty well, but at the actual race she cracked me up!!! She ran side ways at first and then when she did start running, she was kind of flailing her legs. Too funny! It was as if she was having so much fun that she just let her body go. It reminded me of the episode of Friends where Rachel goes running with Phoebe in the park (also a crack up).
Here's a quick 30 second video:

She was giggling so hard when she crossed the finish line. I love that girl!!!!
We got to get her face painted and then we moved onto the bouncy house.
We even got to meet Mr. Subway Sandwich himself...always a thrill.
I am pretty sure this was Kennedy's favorite part. ha!
And if you want to see the video clip of Phoebe running, here ya' go...