Making caramel apples

We got to check another thing off of our Fall List...making caramel apples.
So far we have made homemade bread (banana), baked pumpkin seeds, and gone to a play. Tomorrow we are planning on knocking a bunch of other items off of our list at the Corn Maze.
Yeah...we went the hard route and bought caramels from the store. I thought that would be more fun for Kennedy anyway, so she could help me unwrap the candies (and eat some in the process).
We had such a good time : )
I don't really like eating whole apples and then if you add sticky stuff all over them, I really don't like it. I'm not a first born, but can't stand sticky stuff on my face...hence the cut and dip caramel apples.


Jenny said...

That's how I like caramel apples, too! And... do you have a disc golf "hole" in your backyard?? :)

Kendra said...

You girlies are way fun!! :) I LOVE the silly tongue out picture. I was also wondering about the disc golf hole...I smell a girls night in Ash's backyard!!! haha!! Love all your updates and love you!!!

Laurel said...

And for the record, my mom and I decided to make caramel from scratch one year for our annual caramel apple making ... and decided that it wasn't as good as the unwrapped ones plus much more work - so don't bother!