Corn Maze Fun!

We got to go to the Ozark Corn Maze a few weeks ago and were blessed to have my parents go with us.
We had the BEST time!
It started raining as we drove up....stink. : (
Luckily, we decided to tough it out and go anyway.
About 2 minutes after we bought our tickets,
the rain stopped!!!
It sprinkled a little off and on, but it was a perfect day for the most part...such a blessing!

First of all the maze was shaped in a Razorback design...
how cool is that?!!
We let Kennedy pick the route. ha!
Yeah...we were pretty lost,
but we had fun and it was super fun for her to call the shots.
Then Dasun tried to get us out. ha!
I think we may have done better with Kennedy leading.
Sorry to throw your directional skills under the bus babe. : )

Kennedy and Dasun thought it would be funny to scare us.
I happened to have my finger on the camera button, so I got the picture of them jumping out.
Love it!

(You can click on the collages to make them bigger)
Our next stop was the cow train which was Oh So Fun!
The tires were purposefully placed off center so that the cow went up and down, up and down.
She was thrilled! I wish I could have better captured the HUGE grin on her face...priceless!
After that, we played on a big pile of wood chips and went to the petting zoo.
Check out this goat. He loved my mom. : )
He climbed up on the log she was sitting on and kept getting right up next to her mouth.
Then we went to the Corn Cannon....yes, the corn cannon.
I have to admit, that I was just as excited about this as Dasun was.
I am asking for one for Christmas. ha!...just kidding (kind of).
We all got in on the action...so fun!
Dasun and I were too cheap to pay for the pony ride. Well, that, and the fact that we forgot to get cash and only had $2 left after buying the tickets. The pony's were $5, so it was just simple mathematics. : )
My dad wanted her to get to ride, so he splurged on her behalf and she LOVED it.
Dasun's mom and I tried to get her to go a while back, but she was too scared.
I am glad she finally braved it.

We went on a little hayride to the Pumpkin Patch and got some great pictures.
My mom, who I have told you is stubborn, insisted on letting Kennedy have a piggy back ride, despite my arguing.
She can barely pick up Adelynn, but wanted to do this with Kennedy.
She's amazing...always the memory maker, no matter how she feels. : )
It was such a fun day!!!! (as you can tell from the barrage of pictures)

When we left, we drove for about 1 minute and then the rain CAME DOWN!
Perfect timing! Thank you Lord!


The Wool Acorn said...

Looks like so much fun... and her hair is adorable!!!

Alisha said...

So glad your mom was able to join you! Sounds like a fun time!

The Rainers said...

Love the collage...and no you are not kidding about the corn cannon :-)!!! So happy y'all had fun with the whole family....great memories!