Crazy Adelynn

Oh my goodness precious girl...
You keep your mama laughing all of the time.
You keep Kennedy and Daddy laughing too.
It makes this mama's heart happy to hear you and Kennedy giggling together.
You are ALWAYS dancing to any music or beat you hear.
You are into EVERYthing.
You're joy is contagious.
You're mad face is so serious (and hilarious).
Your little legs and knees...so adorable!
You're little cry is the cutest most heart breaking thing I have ever heard.
You could easily wrap me around your finger if I didn't know better.
You still have my heart.
Oh to hold you and nuzzle your sweet little cheeks and neck.
To feel your little arms hug my neck...I just want to freeze these days.

*Side note: You went into the kitchen, got the hand towel, brought it back to the coffee table and started scrubbing the table with it. ha! I think you may have seen your mama do that a few times. ha! You crack me up. : )