Fall List Fun

We had a lot of fun finishing up our fall list during November. I wish we could say that we crossed everything off, but we didn't...got pretty close though. : )
Here are a few pictures of our fun...

Making turkey hand prints (Adelynn's makes me smile)
Carving a pumpkin
Making Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin seeds (a first for us)
waiting patiently : )

Doing some leaf rubbings while we waited for the seeds to bake:
-trying to teach Kennedy that she didn't have to bear down with all of her might. Sometimes she listens better than others. ha!!

And since Adelynn was a little to bitty to be cooking with us, here's a random cute shot of her...such a happy girl!!!
Here's another random picture of the girls. Adelynn loves to lay on Kennedy's pillow, so if Kennedy brings it out in the morning, she'll just lay down on the floor and put her head on the pillow. It's so cute. Kennedy decided to do it with her. I love watching them play together. : )
We also made some of the most amazing chocolate chip cookies! I have been searching for the perfect recipe for a long time and I think I might have found it. : )



Laurel said...

we have the same oven, just a random fact I thought I'd share w/ you :)

Allison Nelson said...

So, can you share this chocolate chip cookie recipe?