Cha Cha Changeable Countdown Frame

I LOVE the idea of a fun countdown the family can use. My friend Casey and I went to a local boutique show a few weeks ago and saw some really cute ones. I also found some cute ideas online, but I wanted something that
A. I wouldn't have to store &
B. I could use for more than just Christmas

I started trying to think of something and this is what I came up with...

What you need:

  • cardboard (I used the back of my scrapbook paper tablet)
  • black paint
  • white/cream paper -8.5x11 (for the words to be printed on)
  • an 8x10 frame (you can find one at a thrift store for almost nothing or you may even have an extra laying around like I did).
  • some fun scrapbook paper that goes with your theme and also coordinates with your decor.
  • One piece of neutral paper for the background- I used some paper that looked like burlap.
  • a paper cutter
  • chalkboard paint
  • velcro dots
  • glue dots
  • and of course a printer
1. You will be making the chalkboard out of the cardboard/ matte board piece. Cut it to 4x4 and then paint it with chalkboard paint (you'll have to do 2 coats of paint on this). Let dry.

2. Go into your word program and make a text box that's 4x4, pick a cute font and type, "Days until....." I also changed the color of the text box to be a really light gray so that I could still see it but it would show if the cut wasn't perfect.
We used these phrases:
-Days until party time (so that we could use it for everyone's b-days or any other parties.
-Days until Thanksgiving
-Days until Christmas
-Days until Easter
-Days until School Starts
-Days until Summer Break
3. Cut out your scrapbook papers to at least 4.5x4.5..up to 5x5. You may want to lay your text on top to make sure it's the size you want before cutting.
4. Distress the edges of the paper before gluing them together. I like to use a little black paint...almost dry.

5. glue them together.
6. Insert your neutral paper in the frame, close it securely and then line up your chalkboard and one of your "Days until" in the frame until everything is even.
7. Use glue dots to attach your chalkboard and attach velcro dots to the papers and to the paper in the frame.
8. I taped a little baggy on the back of the frame to hold the other countdown papers for convenience.

I strongly recommend doing this as a fun girls night for you and a friend. Casey came over after the girls were in bed and we had such a great time...working out the kinks, making fun of each other for our stellar math skills, getting completely punchy from staying up too late,...it was a blast. I am so thankful for her friendship. I am so glad our husbands were friends. That's how we met each other about 12 years ago.


The Rainers said...

SOOOO MUCH FUNN!!!! Don't forget how messy your hands will get from the chalk pain too!! ;-) Love you too girlie an so thankful that you are so good at documenting things like this!!!
P.S.~ I don't think Scott was too proud of my math skills that night...HAHAH!!

Karen Akins said...

You are so ridiculously talented. Love it. :)