Kennedy's First Performance

I was such a proud mama! I have been a teacher for a long time and I have seen a lot of performances, but it was SO FUN to see my daughter up on the stage.
I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw her little face walking down the aisle.
She got up on stage.
She was looking for me.
When her eyes finally met mine,
She grinned from ear to ear and waved in excitement!
Priceless! Absolutely made my day. : )
She did such a great job!
Sang every little word, did every little motion, made this mama so proud!
Her school is precious! We have been so blessed this year.
It was so nice to go to a program that was all about glorifying the Lord and being thankful.

This is a little clip from the performance. She's the one on the top right. : )

I snapped this little picture of her waiting and thought it was pretty cute as well.
My mom got to come, which was so special. I was so thankful to share that with her.
Kennedy was thrilled to have her there too. This is another clip I took after I moved to a different seat to get a better shot of her. She sees my mom and you can see how happy she is to see her...so cute!