NEW Christmas Mantel

I got some Christmas inspiration this week.
I am a minimalist as far as decor goes.
I can't stand things that are too glitzy or busy...just not me.
Well, we had some stockings from about 10 years ago that I just wasn't feeling anymore. They were cute, looked like snowmen, but they were a little much for my tastes. They had big orange noses coming out of them for petes sake. ha!!
Because our house is already small, my normal love for Christmas decorations was kind of put to the side...chosing to only do a tree and some stocking and keep my house as clutter free as possible. Even though it wasn't much, I still felt like it was too busy. I use to walk into the room with the Christmas tree and light up. I wanted to feel like that again.

I saw a picture of some white stockings and I had an idea.
A chalkboard, a wreath, some branches, and new stockings...

I came home with a bag full of stuff and my husband said, "Oh no! What projects are you starting?" ha! He knows me too well. : )

I got a document frame at Wal-mart for $5
I thought this was a genius plan, but I almost cut my finger off in the process...not good. ha!
The glass was attached with glue, so I was carefully pulling it out when it shattered and I cut my hand really badly. My husband was worried b/c I bled pretty badly, but it eventually stopped, thank goodness.
Other than that, it would have been a really simple project...
1. Paint the frame (3 coats of acrylic)
2. Get some matte board or flat card board...something thick enough so that it won't wrinkle when wet)
3. Paint the matte board with chalkboard paint (2 coats)
4. Season the chalkboard, wipe it off, and write your message!

I also grabbed a little wreath to the tune of $2.00...can't beat that!

Then I stopped by a place that had a lot of trees in the parking lot and found some good branches (free)

Next, I ran by JoAnn's with my 40% off coupon in hand and got some material for some stockings for $5! I didn't know how much I needed, so I found a stocking and laid it on the fabric to get a good guesstimate. I am NOT a sewer, so I prefer winging it when I do try. Sometimes it doesn't work out well, but this time it did!
**Attention all sewers...no inspections of the stocking please. I'll save you some time...they aren't perfect. : )

For the stockings, I basically followed this tutorial for some other really cute stockings, but I just sewed them instead of using glue like she did. I had to tweak it a bit, but you get the basic idea.
I used some little scrapbook tags and some twine to label them for the time being (I may do a monogram on them later...not sure yet).
Total Project: $12.00 and I can't stop smiling when I see it!

Kennedy's not so sure she likes it. She said "Mamaaa...they don't even have noses". ha!!

My friend Casey and I did another fun project the other night, so I'll post that really soon as well.


Joycee said...

Beautiful Ashley! You are so gifted to be able to do this makeover for so little. If I had added up what I've spent on Christmas decorations through the years...well, I'd be embarrassed! Come over to Granny Mountain for a visit, I've been doing Christmas posts nearly everyday...

Laurel said...

very classy - great job

Audrey {Lil' Booger Blog} said...