Thanksgiving with the Hillians

We had a combined Christmas/Thanksgiving with my family this year. My sister and her family are moving to China on December 21st and will be gone for at least 3 years. They will get to come home for a visit during the summer, but not during Christmas, so we wanted to make sure they got to have Christmas with us before they left. We had Thanksgiving lunch and then we had Christmas that night. We made Christmas cookies, opened some presents, got to play some games, and just had a great time. : )

I forgot to take pictures, so these are thanks to my sister Vanessa, who is never without her camera. : )

Our Thanksgiving Feast...so thankful : )
A picture I made for my sister. She had been ogling the one my sister in law Jenny made for me, for a long time and I wanted her to have one.
My cutie patootie opening up her first pair of skates (from Mimi). The boys got some too and couldn't wait to build a ramp to try them out. : )

...and this is MY MOM!!!!..who randomly got on a bike and shocked us all as she tried to do the ramp too. ha!!! She said she panicked when she realized it was 2 boards put together. She had to try to avoid the crack. She had us all laughing so hard. We couldn't believe she even tried! She's a hoot!
I love this picture of Caleb and Kennedy making cookies. He has always been so sweet with her.
This is my FAVORITE cookie that Kennedy made... "a happy heart".
I love that girl!!! (You can probably tell what we've had lots of talks about lately. ha!)
And here are just a few of our awesome creations!!!
Our family is on the bottom right (Dasun made the Ashley cookie and I made the rest of the fam). I loved the way I turned out!!! So hilarious! I look like a scary school-marm, but I tasted dee-licious! We had such a great time doing this. It's definitely one of my favorite Hillian traditions.
Papa Russ and Kennedy painting/icing the cookies
Our Fabulous Christmas Cookies : )
The next day was the real Thanksgiving and we went to my grandma and grandpas house. It was another great day of delicious food and fun family time. The kiddos are all getting older now and were so fun to watch. They played all day and had the best time together. : )


Chris and Carrie said...

What?! Vanessa is moving to China?? It looks like an amazing Christmas/Thanksgiving... So sweet!

Miss you girl!