Get Me Through the Winter (Yarn Ball Wreath Tutorial)

About two weeks before Christmas I ran across this picture of a yarn ball wreath, that I thought was adorable. I knew I probably wouldn't have time to do it before Christmas hit, but I knew I wanted to try. Well, as you are just now seeing it, you know it didn't happen as I planned. ha!
After Christmas I am usually mixed about how I feel in taking down the decor. I LOVE Christmas trees...waking up to the glowy lights. It's one of the very few redeeming things about icy cold winter. But until this year, I was glad to get rid of the cluttery decorations. This year, I didn't feel that way. I loved my new simple decor and wasn't ready to put it away. I knew I couldn't leave up my "Christmasy" wreath, so I thought I'd make the yarn wreath over the break that could transition us into winter. I am all about changing decor as little as possible. I like a little change, but to be honest, decorating stresses me out a bit and I barely have any free time to do the projects I want to do as it is.

The yarn wreath I saw didn't have a tutorial with it, but I thought I could probably figure it out. I ran to the store with coupons in hand to get some supplies.

-yarn (I got 4, but only b/c I wanted 4 different colors)
-Styrofoam balls (various sizes)
-glue sticks for hot glue gun (& a hot glue gun if you don't have one)
-cardboard circle for back (I cut mine out of an extra box we had, using a plate for the template)
Wrap the balls...this takes a while (not gonna' lie).
Hold on tight because it might be a little frustrating if you get to the end
and it rolls out of your hand and you have to do it over again.
Not saying that happened to me though (cough cough)
I did the bigger balls first so I could better plan it out.

Then I filled in the gaps with smaller balls.
I even cut some in half before wrapping them to fill in tighter spots and give it more dimension.
Just start gluing them down and fill in as you go...trying to make sure it's relatively balanced.
Then turn it over to the oh so pretty side and remove any excess cardboard that might be seen through the other side. Not pretty, but it needs to happen. : )

Tie your ribbon (I am going to redo mine and hang it a tad lower than I did).
Secure it on the back (I used an upside down command hook placed near the top backside of my mirror).Nothing fancy, but it makes me smile and feels warm and wintery.


Laurel said...

I too saw 2 different yarn ball wreaths for Christmas and have it in my bookmark list of crafts to do. Maybe I'll follow your lead and make it winter-y rather than christmas-y.

Jenny said...

So fun! :)

Laraine Eddington said...

This is so cute, and actually something I could do. Thanks.

Karen Akins said...

I *love* this!!

Erin @ My Rented House said...

That's really cute! I've never seen anything like it!