A Big Ol' Valentines How To Post (Free Download)

Confession...I am a Big ol' valentines sap.
Not the commercialized version, but the homemade version.
I love coming up with fun ideas.
Spending time making things for the people I love.
I get so excited thinking of them opening it. : )

Well, I went shopping for all of these supplies about a month
ago...so proud of myself for not procrastinating. ha!
Well, with all of the snow days, I have had almost zero alone time to work on them, so they are just now getting finished.
Oh well, being early is overrated anyway, right?

Here are a few of the projects I have been working on:

Fun Crazy Straw Valentines!
I went to Wal-mart looking for something my school kiddos would all love...
not too girly or to boyish and I came across these.
Who doesn't love a crazy straw!?
Heck, I am 31 and I still think they are pretty fun. ha!
I went ahead and picked them up thinking that I might be able to come up with some fun little poem or pun to go with them.
This is what I came up with...

I printed out some cards, wrote out the little diddy,
and tied it on with ribbon.
I hope they love them!
...and I hope that eventually I can get that little tune out of my head. : )

This next project was for Kennedy's class:
Butterfly Smarties!
I know I saw this idea somewhere...maybe in a magazine,
but all I remembered was candy in the center and a butterfly shape,
so I just made up the rest.

You'll need:
smarties, scissors, pipe cleaners, scrapbook paper, and card stock (or some other thick paper for the template).

1. Trace the upper 1/2 of a heart onto your card stock (folded).
I tried to make sure that I measured and knew about how big I wanted it so that I could fit several butterlies on each sheet of scrapbook paper.
2. Trim off the wording on the scrapbook paper so you don't have to worry about that being on the backs.
3. Lay your template down on your folded scrapbook paper and trace it
(using a crayon or marker that you won't mind being seen on the back).
I did these first few to show Kennedy, but then I let her do it.
It means more & is much more fun if they make it themselves.
4. After you get your hearts cut out, you'll snip it twice
(about an inch apart).
5. Go ahead and write your message, name, who it's too, etc... on the back before you put the candy in.

6. Raise the slit in the middle and put the candy in.

7. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the end of the candy
and then use your fingers to curl the antennae.
Wala! You're done and your little cutie will probably
be as excited as mine is, to bring these to her friends!

And Last but definitely not least...
My Valentine's gift for Mr. Keylor. : )
I saw a really cute idea on a blog called Oopsey Daisy and LOVED it!
She made her husband a date night idea book. Genius.
I immediately knew that I wanted to do that for Dasun.
I have heard him say a zillion times,
that he has a hard time knowing what to do
for date nights.
I always say that I don't care what we do as long as we get
to get away and have fun together, but he remains stumped...

The gift that will hopefully keep on giving!
I didn't use hers, because I wanted to tailor it to Dasun.
I went on word and created a text box,
found a font that was
cute but not too girly,
typed my first card and then copied
my text box several times to ensure that
they would all be the same size.
Then I spent some time brainstorming all of the things
that we have done in the past or might have fun doing.
I had such a good time thinking them up.

I printed them out on card stock,
backed them with scrapbook paper
and then had them laminated so they would last a long time.
After I cut them out and TRIED to punch holes in them...
grossly over estimating my upper body strength. ha!!
I finally got out the big guns and brought out this baby.
Ahhh...much better!
Then I ran some slicky ribbon through to keep them together
and allow them to turn easily.

Then I tied some fun ribbons, where it was already knotted.
Make sure you use the lighter to lightly melt the ends
so that they won't fray.

Then wrap it up!

Free Download!!!
If you want me to send you the files for the
Date Night Idea Book,
just do these two things:
1. Follow me (and leave me a comment letting me know)
2. Make sure you leave your e-mail in your comment
so that I can be sure to send it to you
(or e-mail it to me if you don't want to leave it

Oh, and here's the card I made for the front: (sorry for the horrible picture)

I know...cheesy, but I couldn't resist with these extra smarties laying around. : )

I hope he likes it! I can't wait to have our Valentines Night!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of Kennedy making her Valentines box.
I helped her with the glue because we only
had a big daddy tub of modge podge
and I drew her name, but she diddle the rest.
It was so fun to do this with her!
It brought back a lot of fun memories of my childhood. : )


Katie said...

I am a follower! :) (Have been for a while)

I love all the ideas. I hope to use the sippy straws in my own classroom (next year). I currently teach 6th grade and I can't afford to buy 80 of everything.

LOVE date night book. Can't wait to get the files via brockmeyer.katie@yahoo.com

and tailor them to fit my husband!




Karen Akins said...

You are SOOO creative! Love it! (And, p.s, I think you are the only wife I know who would include "Go to the shooting range" in her romantic date night book...lol. Very funny.)

Jenny said...

I'm trying to keep B. from peeking over my shoulder while I read your post... I know someone who will love his Valentine! :)

Love the date night idea book! I noticed that you wrote "Happy Anniversary" inside your card for Dasun. Did you guys get married on Valentine's Day?

Brittany said...

Hey Ashley, Love these ideas! Thanks for contacting me! I'll have to start following this blog. :)

Kirsten said...

Love the straw idea and I love Kennedy's sweet little handwriting on her Valentine cards. Sam had no patience with putting his name on more than 2. Boys!!!
Even though I already have a gift for Jon, I really am looking forward to having your font for the date night book. All the techie computer stuff is mind boggling to me.

Betsy said...

I love the butterfly one...think I will be doing that with Laney, but too late for Valentine's Day but can use it for other things :). She would love it,she loves Smarties :)

The Goodwin's said...

I love all these ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing! I would love to get the downloads!! Thank so much! :)

April said...

It's past Valentine's Day, but please send me the date night file.