Fun in the Snow!!!

6 days ago we were playing outside in almost 70 degree weather, a few days later, we had a big snow storm blow through.
That's crazy Arkansas weather for you!
First came the ice, then the snow.
We've officially been out of school for a week, but it's been so stinkin' cold outside that we didn't really want to venture out to play until today.
Today we drove to our favorite sledding hill that we affectionately call "Keylor Hill"
and had a blast!
Kennedy wanted me to do her hair like mine. I couldn't get over how adorable she looked!
Then it was time to get Adelynn all bundled up (also totally adorable!).
We had such a good time sledding!
Kennedy even went down by herself (though she was definitely leery at first)
Then we took turns taking Adelynn down too! She did so well and was even smiling!

We also had some great snowball fights. : )
Quick family shot (that for some reason looks a little fake...not sure why).

Adelynn loved her some snow : )
...and of course we had to make some snow ice cream!
This is definitely one of my favorite things about snow days.
(recipe below)

Snow Ice Cream Recipe:
Big bowl of snow
a little bit of sugar (probably 1/4 cup)
a little vanilla (to taste)
a little milk (until it mixes well and has a good consistency)


Jenny said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I've never made snow ice cream. I think we may have to try that!

Beth said...

So fun! I think I might try the ice cream as well! :)

Kendra said...

You guys are SO cute!! OK, I totally cracked up because you put in "a little" sugar and I put in a whole cup. LOL!! Guess mine would be the Paula Dean version. Love you girlie!!