He is Worthy...

....how do I even begin... what words can I speak...
God is revolutionizing my life. my world.
Tearing it apart in the best way.
I am sitting here, after crying out in worship
the whole way home.
Completely overwhelmed by Him.
His worthiness.

A precious friend that God truly blessed me with about
a year ago asked me to lead a bible study with her.
We are talking a lot about discipleship at our church,
and so it had been on my heart to serve more in that way.
To invest in others, pour out of myself more.
Little did I know,
I was the one who would be invested in.
What an understatement.
We are doing a study on Revelations,
a book of the bible I have often started
and then quickly put back down
totally confused by the strange wording and symbolism.
This time it's different.
It's a study by Beth Moore who I adore.
She's real, she's funny, she speaks the truth and she does so
with an amazing passion because she's NOT JUST TALKING.
She's amazed by the God of the universe
and is truly excited to be learning more about Him!
What a breath of fresh air that is!
She knows how to study the word with me in a way
that it speaks to my heart and sticks in my mind.
I have a horrible memory, so that is really saying something.

I can't even begin to summarize what I have learned...
or rather, been shown.
If I had to try, I would say that my eyes are being opened.
That the Lord is...or rather I am finally moving the Lord
back to His rightful place (the throne) and and beginning
to get a glimpse of His glory...His worthiness.

I am totally overwhelmed by it.
completely in awe.
and I don't want it to stop.

All of the things that so easily distract me and
take my eyes off of Him...
I can't even remember what they are.
So focused on Him that the things of this world
fade into the background...worries, past sin,
any bitterness or unforgiveness, busyness,
even relationships.
All of these things are problems because of self-centeredness.
We have put our problems/ our self on the throne
and we are miserable for it.
We are not meant to be in the center.
As Beth Moore said,
"The entire universe knows where it's center should be.
We're the only ones that choose. "
and we usually get it wrong.
This is not meant to be preachy.
And the study hasn't been at all.
I am just dumbfounded,
so I am probably coming off that way.
The only thing that we have done in the study
is read His word, study it, and be completely taken aback
by the small glimpse of His glory.
Tonight, I had a lump in my throat and I was speechless.
Those of you that know me,
know that I am never speechless. : )

I was driving home and I heard this song (click to listen)
and completely broke down in my car.
This is my prayer.
May the Lord continue to reveal Himself to us.
To keep us in awe of His majesty, glory, and worthiness.
That these wouldn't slip back to being "churchy words"
that have no real effect on us,
but would forever change us.
Oh Father please keep my eyes and my heart wide open.
Thank you for drawing my heart back out of a distracted state.
I'm sorry that they ever left You.

Another AMAZING song is this song by Kari Jobe:


Alisha said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing your heart!

Lydia said...

one of my faves!

JoAnna said...

Amazing. God is so amazing... I love you and your precious willingness to share and bring others along with you. You are soooo beautiful, in e.v.e.r.y. way!

The Rainers said...

I love you!!

Tripple A said...
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pink coffee photoart said...

i. love. this. song.
so exciting what God is doing in your life!!!