Write My World!!!

I am finally sitting down to post about something fun that happened!
My friend Jenny, who always knows the best sites, told me about a site that has some really cute fonts for free. I found a ton that I loved!

She mentioned that she sometimes makes people's handwriting into fonts, but doesn't choose many. I thought it might be fun to try, so I followed the directions for submissions and sent a couple of fonts out, just to see if she might like one of them. She states on her site that she isn't able to pick many and won't be able to respond to you unless she picks your fonts. I totally didn't expect to hear anything back....

Then one happy day I opened my e-mail and had a message from her with a thank you note about letting her do my fonts and MY FONTS attached!!! WHAT a FUN surprise!
Some people want an Emmy, I am happy with the fact that she picked mine!

Go check the site out! You'll see mine and a TON of other cute ones! : )


Jenny said...

I am so happy you got picked! :) I told you about seeing it listed as a favorite over on Scrapping with Liz, didn't I? We digi-scrappers love us some handwriting fonts. :) So fun!!

Lydia said...

Yay!! That's pretty exciting!

The "W" Family said...

how cool! that would be like winning a grammy for me too! love fonts and handwriting :)

JoAnna said...

That is the most perfect thing I have heard in a while!! You are sooo amazing at everything, but your handwriting is signature... so fun and sweet.. it reflects you perfectly :)

Love you!!

sara @ it's good to be queen said...

you're famous!! this does not surprise me at all...your handwriting is AMAZING!!!