Feeling pretty stinkin' blessed...

Tonight I got to have cuddle time with both of my girls.
First with Kennedy as we watched a little movie,
Then with Adelynn during a late night random awake time.
I just sat there, breathing them in.
Looking at their little smiles.
Feeling their little cheeks up against mine.
I just got overwhelmed by it all.
How in the world do I deserve such blessings?
I don't.
They are just precious gifts from my Savior.
Every giggle that I get to be a part of.
Every prayer that I get to overhear.
Every cuddle that I get to drink in.
All gifts from Him.

How can I keep from singing Your praise How can I ever say enough How amazing is Your love How can I keep from shouting Your name I know I am loved by the King And it makes my heart want to sing
-Chris Tomlin

*On a side note, but no less amazing, I mentioned earlier that I have had several things going wrong with me lately. Today I had 4 wonderful women at my school ask if they could pray for me. Then after school, another one of my sweet moms asked if she could borrow me for a minute and prayed over me as well. Just another reason that I feel TRULY blessed and am so thankful.

My heart is full. : )


Kendra said...

They are precious Ash...and so are you!! :) So excited about K's tooth, I mean....that's big stuff!

You are such a light...your love and joy are contagious!!

Love you!!