It's out!

On March 6th, 2011, Kennedy lost her 1st tooth!
I was getting her out of the bath and
just happened to notice that her tooth was out.
I said, "Kennedy, where's your tooth?"
She just looked at me with a scare look
and said she didn't know.
My first thought was that she swallowed it.
I searched the bath water and
my eyes finally spied it at the bottom of the tub...
a little tiny white chicklet tooth
on a white bathroom tub.
I am so thankful for good eye sight!
We both rejoiced at finding it.
It's her first tooth ever for pete's sake!
Important stuff!
We got ready for bed, put her tooth in the
tooth pillow her Meme made for her
(complete with little hand-stitched wording),
and put it under her pillow.
For those of you wondering,
no, we don't pretend the tooth fairy is real either.
I know...fuddy duds. : )
We still pretend with her about it,
but she knows we are pretending.
If you know kids at all, they love pretending.
It doesn't ruin the fun at all...
so exciting to wake up and find something in your pillow!

Now she can't wait to go spend her money. : )
It's the first time she has even showed the smallest
interest in buying anything with her money.
Up until this point, all she wanted to do was give it to people
and then let them put it back in the jar.
She's growing up...let's hope not too quickly.


The Rainers said...

So exciting!!!! I remember when Audrey lost her first tooth, she was so scared but so excited at the same time! Congratulations Kennedy!!