My mom--update

I have had several of you ask about my mama, so I thought I would update you. For those of you who don't know, my mom's cancer came back with a vengeance a little while back. She has been through radiation again (her third time) and has also been on several medications. The doctors say that there is no hope for remission, but they hoped to at least get it to an inactive state. Despite the medications, the cancer remained active. About three months ago, my mom decided to get off of her medications (without telling us until she knew how that would effect her). They were making her feel bad and keeping her really inflammed to the point that she couldn't pick up Adelynn, cough, or even go walking with her friend Tish without hurting pretty badly.
She says that she feels better than she has in a while,
which is such a blessing to hear.
She has gone through the fight...three times.
The cancer just isn't responding,
which is more than a little disheartening,
especially for her.
I can't say that I would make a different decision
regarding the medication.
It's a hard thing though...a roller coaster of mixed feelings,
but what I truly want is for her to be happy,
to not be in pain,
and to be able to do the things she wants to do...
not to be medicated and miserable.
Another positive is that her hair is
also coming back in really nicely,
so even that is helping her feel more normal.
are just enjoying every minute we have and
I am trying to just be present.
Easier said than done sometimes. : )
I am so thankful for the hope that we have in Jesus.
Oh how I long for our sweet Savior to come!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, constant in prayer.
Romans 12:12


Lydia said...

Thanks so much for this post! I've been wondering, but didn't want to ask.
Love you and still praying for your sweet momma.

The Rainers said...

I love that verse! Oh and I LOVE the heart pancakes!!! Praying for you and your family, we love you very much girlie!!

Theisen Trio said...

I am up with the baby every night now and was trying to find new things to search on the net when I happened upon The Busy Brush and then your family blog. I am so saddened to hear about your Mother. Cancer nearly took my Dad away from us 6 years ago and I pray fervently that it stays away for good now. I cannot imagine the helplessness and pain you are feeling and I will keep you close in my heart and prayers as I already think of you every time I walk into one of my children's rooms and see your beautiful artwork.
P.S. Your Mom is gorgeous.