New Pen!

Such a stupid thing to post about,
but I have been wanting to try these babies
for a LONG time!
They are a new type of eraseable pen.
Eraseable pens are great for the erasability, but not much else.
I am a pen enthusiast, super picky,
and when I heard that pilot had this new pen coming out,
I was totally intrigued.
I looked at Wal-mart, Target, no one carried them!
I went to Fed Ex to ship a painting the other day and
what did I spy...
I got home and tried to share my excitement with Dase,
but he lacked my enthusiasm. ha!!
Verdict: I like them!
They write like a pilot gel pen
-smooth...no skipping
-sharp fine lines
-not as smeary as other gel pens
-and of course eraseable
not that I ever make mistakes..cough cough. : )

They also have a much niftier eraser: (see the gray thing at the end)


Jenny said...

Cool! Do they come in a clicky version? :)

Mitzi said...

Ha! This is sooo you! AND so me! :) You know you had my attention in this one. I will have to try these. How in the world do they work? Fun!

Betsy said...

You are soooo funny! This is so you! I love it1