Our Valentines Day --belated

I have been so out of pocket ever since Valentines,
that I have never posted about our fun day!
I did write about it a little on facebook...does that count? : )

Here are some pictures of our AWESOME VALENTINES!

The weekend before, I got to have a fun date night with Dasun!
--which we forgot to take a picture of. : )

The morning of, I woke up really early to make a
fun breakfast before Dasun had to leave for work.
I had gone to the store the night before to
get one of those ketchup bottles, but no such luck.
I wandered around the store trying to think of
something else I could use to "draw" my pancake batter
into hearts and came upon A BASTER!
I thought it was worth a try and it totally worked!

After a fun morning, I got the girls ready and we headed off to go meet Meme and Papa for lunch.
Dasun had decorated my car
(which is a fun tradition he started years ago).
Kennedy LOVED it!
He also put a sweet letter by my steering wheel.
I cried...so blessed!
We met my parents for lunch and had
such a sweet time with them.
The girls were perfect (we all know that's a treat),
We had a yummy lunch, and then got to exchange our Valentines.
Kennedy picked out my mom and dad's candy and
she knew exactly what she wanted to get them.
She's getting so fun to celebrate holidays with.
She really understands what's going on
and has such a thankful heart about everything. : )

Special candies for Meme and Papa
Special Letter and pictures from Kennedy
my card to my mom and dad
I got them presents too, but forgot to take pictures of them.

My mom always makes little homemade Valentines.
She makes everything so special...precious keepsakes.

How sweet are these!?

She also made little pink purses for the girls
complete with a little comb and mirror inside
as well as some yummy suckers.

Kennedy spent the rest of the day trying
to give her suckers to people..so sweet. : )

After that we had to go to the doctor (no fun),
but then we got to come home and take a nap.
I had bible study that night and it was AWESOME!
The perfect finish to a great day!
I am so overwhelmed by God's goodness.
Sometimes it's easy to focus on the hard parts of life,
but they are truly outnumbered by the blessings.