Easter Weekend!

Kennedy had a little Easter program at school the Thursday before Easter. She cracked us up, because she just waved at us and gazed at the crowd most of the time...totally distracted. She barely sang. Thankfully she wasn't the only one.
It was cute regardless and she looked like a doll. : )
Dasun got to take off work a little early to come and my mom got to come too.

That weekend, we invited my parents to come stay the night with us and go to church with us the next day. They have never gotten to do that with us before. Now that we have kids, we never get to stay up and talk or play games anymore, so we thought it would be fun.
We had dinner and then after dinner we got started with the traditions...

The Bunny Cake:
We have been making a bunny cake for as long as I can remember. We usually use a rectangular pan and my mom cuts out a bunny shape. Then we decorate it with white icing, sprinkle coconut for fur, and use jelly beans for his face. This year, I wanted to try making a brown bunny with some homemade chocolate icing instead...dee-licious.

Coloring Easter Eggs (it's our family tradition to break out the crayons to decorate them and then dye them). This year we used neon food coloring which turned out really fun.
We also read this book (which I LOVE) about the real meaning of Easter.
It rhymes which makes me like it even more.
Meme and Kennedy reading a Resurrection Story before bed.

Some game time (Sorry and Boggle)!
I lose about every game I ever play, but I can play some mean boggle. : )
Some fun little treats. : )
We don't do the Easter Bunny (trying to keep the focus on Jesus), but we still do some little treats and an Easter egg hunt. We just try not to over do it and try to really spend the day talking about how thankful we are for Jesus' sacrifice and for the fact that He rose!
Resurrection Pancakes

The 1st Easter Lunch at our house : )

Trying to get a few Easter picts even though the girls are pooped. : )
Then we had an Easter egg hunt (indoors b/c of all the rain)
The girls had so much fun!
Kennedy would find one for her
and then she'd find another on to give to Adelynn.
She has such a sweet and giving heart.
They love each other so much and it does my heart good. : )

Kennedy sat by Adelynn teaching her how to open the eggs and rejoicing with each thing she found for Adelynn (and she did it all in her little mama voice...too cute).