How to make a mermaid

Kennedy requested a mermaid birthday,
so I started looking for mermaid stuff. Is it just me or are
mermaids all pretty slutty looking?
I was looking for a less busty,
more modest version for my 5 year old's party.
I didn't have any luck, so I ended up creating my own.

I know that making a mermaid isn't a need everyone has,
but I am hoping there are some mamas of little girls that
might be able to use this little tutorial (for a b-day or even a fun craft).
It's super easy, so get out some scrapbook paper,
some scissors, a pencil, and some glue and get creating. : )
1. Draw a little mermaid (feel free to copy mine)
2. trace the head, shoulders,body section onto skin color paper.
3. Then cut out the separate sections and use them
as stencils to trace onto whatever paper you choose.
4. Glue the pieces together and then just draw a simple face (dot-dot-smile)

I put them on her invitations and one on her little cake.
(see pictures in above post)


Kendra said...

So cute!!! You never cease to amaze. :)

Jenny said...

Very cute! The patterned paper worked really well for her tail!