Kennedy's Birthday

This year my baby turned 5!
I cannot believe it.
I told my mom that I officially feel like a mom.
Not a "new mom," but a mom.
She requested a mermaid party,
and with all of the pools being either booked or too expensive,
we asked my parents if we could have it at their house
and use their hot tub since she only invited a few friends.

Here's her cake...
She specifically requested a red cake because Ariel's hair is read with green icing because Ariel's tail is green. She was so certain and didn't even have to pause to think about it. Which is amazing to this horrible decision maker. She also requested that it have "one of those big numbers on top," so we did that instead of writing.

I found a picture of a mermaid online and tried to draw it on a thank you/coloring sheet that I made for the kiddos. Not as cute as the original, but the girls seemed to like it. : )
Here are some little flip flops I made for her friends. I tried to make some for the babies that came also, but couldn't find any small enough that matched.

My sweet Kennedy...what a sweet girl you are!
I am so proud to be your mama.
You are a great friend, a wonderful daughter,
and a sweet sister to Adelynn.

Our awesome friends...The Tuckers : )
and of course, our precious friends since college...The Rainers.
Dasun's parent's (Nana and Pop Pop)
who thankfully got to come and stay with us.
Here's a quick picture of our fun weekend with them:
Pop Pop playing the guitar and the girls dancing : )

Here are all the girls...just a swinging : )

Adelynn had quite a good time as well : )
She got so many sweet cards and gifts
and loved every minute of it.
This is her opening the t-ball set she's been asking for, since for-ev-er.

Next, she opened my sister's present.
My sister didn't even know that she was having a mermaid party.
How crazy is that!?
Kennedy started stripping down right at the table. ha!
We had to catch her and make her go to the bathroom to change.
Then it was time for swimming! Fun times!
I told my friend Casey that I could just picture this
being in their wedding collage video one day
and she about hit me for talking about the future.
It's going too quickly already, so I know how she feels. : )
so thankful for these women in my life
Another priceless picture of sweet sweet girls
(Adelynn was in it too, but we couldn't snap it in time).
What a great day!
So thankful for you KK!
I feel honored that the Lord let us have you.


The Rainers said...

We had so much fun KK, we love you!! Yes, Ashley....It still bring tears to my eyes looking at that picture just thinking about the future!!

Jenny said...

Such creative ideas! Love the flip flops and the coloring sheet!

Kendra said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy!! :) Looks like a GREAT party!! <3