Chalkboard part deux

I wanted to stay with a safe color
for my chalkboard frame (black),
but I also wanted it to be fun and colorful...
I wanted to have my cake and eat it too
so to speak. : )

What's the point of having cake
if you aren't going to eat it too?
I have always wondered about that expression.

I came up with this....

It's actually an eraser. I needed somewhere to keep my eraser and when you have limited space, you have to get creative. I thought I'd try to combine my eraser and "fun colorful element" that I had been wanting. Kennedy is super excited about our "new pretty eraser."
I attached it to the chalkboard frame with a little bit of black velcro so that it wouldn't show.
Nothing amazing, but I like it. : )
It makes me smile to see all of those fun colorful fabrics,
and the functionality of it makes my left brain pretty happy too...
both of my split personalities are satisfied. ha!


Karen Akins said...

I love this!!! So fun. :)

Jenny said...

It looks great!! That frame is awesome. What did you use for the chalkboard part?

Laurel said...

great idea!

sara @ it's good to be queen said...

you're so adorable.