Date Night : )

Dasun's school has an event every year,
so we got to get a little gussied up, get a baby sitter,
and have a date night.
We don't get babysitters very often,
so even though it was technically a school event,
we were glad to have a little time to hang out just the two of us.

I got a new dress with cute little fabric rosettes at the top.
I was a little worried about it being too short though.
My friend Amy would laugh at me, b/c it's to my knees,
but it was short for me. : )
I always ask Dasun, "Do I look like a floozy?"
and he just laughs because I usually err on the side of
grandma with shawl rather than floozy. ha!

Since we dressed up, we thought we would actually try
to remember to get some pictures
(and crop the vacuum cleaner out later) : )


righteousnessbyfaith said...

i can't see any pictures....where is my beautiful sister in law in her cute new dress?! ;)