Day with my Mom : )

My mom and I got to have to whole day together!
It was such a treat!
I know that we live close, but time with just the two of us is a rarity.
We are trying to make it happen more often though.
She's so fun. : )

First we went to one of her favorite flea markets called Daisies and Olives.
We both love antique stores and flea markets.
My mom always finds neat things and tells me stories
about when she was growing up...what it used to be used for, etc...
It's always been one of my favorite things to do with her. always.
Then we did a little more looking and some crazy house hunting. We climbed up some leaned over fence posts to get on the back porch of an empty house that was for sale. We both thought we were going to fall or injure ourselves, but we're both crazy enough to try it anyway.
I LOVE that about her!
I don't think I fully realized how fun she was until I was in my 20's or so.
She's a hoot. : )

Then we got to go out to a beautiful lunch...
part of her birthday celebration.
I made her agree to let me buy before we went,
to cut down on the inevitable arguing over the check
that always ensues when we go out.

Look at this scenery! What a perfect day!

love this lady.