Family Camp 2011

We got to go to family camp with our church this year and we had a blast!

We had chapel a couple of times a day and our kids were cracking us up with their dance moves.
A little break dancing, a little free style, and a little Irish Riverdance. ha!

This is most of our community group
(missed you Akins & Pipers!)

The first family chapel assignment was to make these little bracelets together.

The next day it was supposed to storm ALL day.
I prayed all week for at least one sunny day.
I know it's a measly prayer...not really a big deal,
but we prayed anyway.
It was a splurge for us to go to family camp
and we wanted our girls to really enjoy it.
We got up the next day to
Praise the Lord!
Apparently we had all been praying,
b/c I kept hearing that it was an answer to prayer.
It couldn't have been nicer.
We had breakfast, chapel, and then we had a field day,
complete with duck launching, egg tossing, gorilla aiming, etc....
The dizzy bat spin...always nice and humbling. ha!
My friend Heather took this one of Adelynn...so sweet.
We were so excited to get to go with
some of our friends from our community group.
This is one of my sweet sweet friends, Sara. : )
I wish we could have gotten all the mamas together for a quick picture.

The rest of the day was open for whatever....
One of which was horse riding.
Oh my goodness...what a cutie!
Another option: swimming in the COLD pool!
(Look at Adelynn's legs all tensed up. ha!)
The rings!
Dasun did this 6 times until he finally made it all the way across.
Yeah...he was feelin' that the next day.

Water slides
(thanks to Olivia for this picture. ha!)

there were even kayaks, canoes, and fishing areas.
It was such a fun day!
....and then our camera died...wah.wah.
I think we'll definitely save up and go again next year.
Fun times!


Kendra said...

How fun!! I've just gotten caught on your latests posts! :) Could your family be any more PRESH??!! I think NO. I also love that the pony tail era is finally here for sweet Addy Paddy. Love you girl!!