Give Away -Clinique Happy

In order to say thank you to you all
for all of your sweet comments and e-mails,
I have a fun give away to offer!
My favorite perfume is Clinique Happy.
It has been for years,
so it's fitting that the give away
is for some Clinique Happy items!

  • PRIZE:

    1- 3.4 oz Clinique Happy Body Cream & 1-1.4 oz. Clinique Happy cooling shimmer gel

  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “Smellin' Happy!” ****MAKE SURE THAT I HAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS
  • BONUS QUESTION: ...share your favorite perfumes (was it Exclamation in the 80's, or something else equally awesome? Do you have a favorite now? : )
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Sunday, May 15th at 8pm EST (announced Monday).


~Sutherland Smiles~ said...

“Smellin' Happy!”

~Sutherland Smiles~ said...

My fav smell way back in the day was "Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson.....oh the days....Exclamation was pretty high on my list too!

April said...

Smellin' Happy! I currently like Amarige, although I have a sample of Happy & I wore it on Mother's Day b/c my babies make me happy!

Alisha said...

“Smellin' Happy!”
I've never tried this kind... my favorite way back when was Dark Vanilla and I haven't found a favorite since.

Eleshia said...

Smelling' Happy! I love Happy but chose Pleasure for Christmas. And my favorite when I was little was Rawsilk. i think it was Avon and was in a kitty cat bottle. I also loved exclamation when I was in jr high and high school.


Lesley said...

Smellin happy. I loved that Prescriptives Green perfume!