My Beautiul Mother

This year, I decided to skip the card
and write my mom a little poem instead.
A very humble, unprofessional poem,
but one that would hopefully give her
a little window into my heart. : )
I am a VERY blessed girl.
I'm feeling especially thankful
to celebrate Mother's Day with her this year.
An unexpected, never again taken for granted, blessing.
Thank you Jesus

We got to have a little time by ourselves today
which is a rare occurrence (my 2 girls LOVE her too).
I got to read this to her and
thank her for all that she's endured...
All of it, allowing us this sweet time together.
I am more grateful to her than I can ever express.
I know it has not been easy.

My Beautiful Mother

My mother is beautiful,

There are a million reasons why.

As I sit here thinking of them all,

I immediately begin to cry.

She’s loved me constantly

Even when it wasn’t always easy.

She’s not afraid to dance in public,

Be silly, or even be a little cheesy.

She is someone I can count on,

To always cheer me on,

To be my biggest fan ,

Even in small things I’ve done.

Her voice is oh so lovely,

Whether she speaks or when she sings.

It’s soft and smooth and gentle

As she shares so many things.

She’s passionate and loving,

A servant’s heart indeed.

A woman who has taught me

To always look after other’s needs.

Generous, creative,

Talented, and funny,

A good friend to all,

A disposition, sunny.

All these things I have said

About her beauty rare,

Without even mentioning

Her sparkling eyes or cute new hair.

She is so many things to me

I can’t begin to name them all,

But I am so very thankful

For this woman I do call


By, Ashley Keylor

~May 8, 2011~


Karen Akins said...

This is beautiful. I'm sure it meant so much to her.

Kendra said...

BEAUTIFUL words for a beautiful mom!!

Jenny said...

This is wonderful. You are blessed to have such a special relationship with your mom.