Race for the Cure 2011

Another race with my mom.
It sounds pretty simple,
but accomplishing it today
made me cry like a baby.
I am not one to cry in public, if I can help it,
but today, I couldn't

My mom hasn't been doing very well.
She's still going as hard as she can
and most days, no one would notice,
but I can see it...the weariness, the wincing,...
She hasn't been able to walk
with her walking buddy Tish in a while,
which is one of her favorite things to do,
so I was a little worried about the Race for the Cure.
I knew she wanted to do it.
I knew I wanted to do it with her.
We held hands through the race...
both of us squeezing periodically
as the weight of the day would hit us.
Last year, we had just begun the journey
of battling this mess.
We had been given another year
and she was making it.
It was a beautiful day!
Tish, Joe, my dad, Dasun, & the girls...
it was such a fun and happy day. : )
We saw the end in the distance and
when we finally reached it, we grabbed each other.
The tears fell.
I knew we were in a huge crowd,
but it was like it was just us.
I am so proud of my mom.
She is one of the toughest women I know.
I am so thankful for that precious day with her.
Even as I write, my throat is in knots.
I love her so much it hurts.

Thank you Lord for this amazing day... for the weather that held off until right after... for the fact that we were able to walk it together... for the joy instead of mourning.

Celebration breakfast at "the pink place" (Neal's)