Selling our home

I have been working my tail off since school got out
preparing our house to be on the market.
-cleaning - organizing - de-cluttering - taking pictures
-making flyers -more cleaning -blog making
-wrangling kids to keep them out of the pictures...
I forgot how much work this is!
We have been ready to sell for a long time,
but it always seemed like it wasn't a good time
(newborn babies and other busy life things).

The time is finally here and we are ready...
but...I will always LOVE this house.

It was our first home.
Our first huge purchase together.
It was the home we brought
Kennedy and Adelynn home to.
It is the home that we have laughed hard,
cried hard, played hard, and just lived life in.
I love our little house!
If I could just pick it up and move it somewhere else,
I totally would.
I am not a greedy person, always needing bigger and better.
I am fine with my little house.
It's easier to clean and even though it's small,
I think it's pretty cute.
She's been good to us. : )

However, I am a farm girl
and living in a neighborhood has
never really felt like home to me.
I love trees, room to run and play.
Leaving the windows open at night
without having to worry about people seeing into your house
or hearing car stereos blaring as they drive by.
I do love old houses, so I would settle for a neighborhood
if I found an adorable character filled home,
but I'd love a little land if possible.
We can fix the house as long as it's affordable enough,
It doesn't have to be huge or even nice.
We're pretty easy to please.
I even get excited about the prospect of
possibly fixing something up,
but my husband doesn't share my
"fix 'er up" enthusiasm, so for the sake of our marriage,
it can't be in too horrible of shape. : )

But before we can even think about that,
we have to sell this one (fingers crossed).
For our memories sake,
I thought I would post some pictures of our house.
I am always worried that
we'll loose our pictures somehow (water, fires, etc...),
so I love that I can have this as a little memory back up.

Our Home
Not perfect, but special to us. : )
Living/Dining Area
Looking into the kitchen

Guest Bathroom (AKA the girls bathroom)
Adelynn's Room (also used to be Kennedy's when she was a baby)

Kennedy's Room

She made this bed by herself
(I can't believe how big she's getting!!!)

Laundry Room

Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom
Our backyard

and that's our first home : )


Mandy said...

it is so cute! can't wait to see how God provides the perfect "new" home for you guys

sara @ it's good to be queen said...

it's so pretty! great job!!