11 YEARS!!!

We got a little gussied up and all went out to celebrate. : )
We all went out to dinner at Outback
which is a favorite of ours...cheese fries please!

Then we went to Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt...yum!

Look at my big beautiful girl. : )

Love this sweet ball of joy (with strawberries on her nose)!

My HUSBAND wrote this for me!
You have to know what his handwriting normally
looks like to fully appreciate it, but this is amazing!
My sweet Kennedy drew the 11 flowers. : )

For our presents we decided to make our gifts.
Dasun made me a sweet book of 11 things
(11 funny memories, 11 things he loves about me, etc...).
I loved it! I cried.
For my gift, I decided to take a cool photograph.
I took a fun picture of our shoes
in front of Dasun and I's 1st apartment.
These are a couple that I took:

The last one is the one I had framed for him
and I wrote him a little letter on the back.


sara @ it's good to be queen said...

love that sweet shoe picture! such a creative idea. :)