Blind Hatred ($5 fix)

The title says it all.
I hate blinds.
Not the nice wooden blinds or even the faux wood blinds,
I am talking plasticky, easily broken, hard to clean,
not-easy-on-the-eyes, blinds.
Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for them.
When we moved in, we didn't realize that
neighbors could see in our house from every angle.
We had already spent all of our money (on appliances,etc...),
so my mom and dad sweetly ran and got us
some blinds so that we could have some privacy,
then later, I ended up covering them with curtains
because I hated the way they looked.
So we virtually had no light coming in our house.
I have been slowly trying to replace them all.

The blinds on our back yard door,
were the absolute worst.
Imagine a dog and two kiddos constantly working them over.
They were beat up to say the least and impossible to clean.

I am not sure why it took me so long,
but one night I finally had it,
and decided to do something about that door.
I told Dasun I was running to wal-mart,
measured from the top of the window to the floor and
asked him to please take down the blinds while I was gone.
I had absolutely no plan.

I found some material on sale for $4.00 (woo hoo!)
I wasn't going to be too picky, but I happened to love it anyway.
Simple, but a little bit of a pattern, and thin enough to let light in.
I roamed the aisles looking at what I could figure out.
People probably thought I was lost or really confused.
I wasn't sure how to hang them or how to tie them back.
It's a metal door and since we are trying to sell,
I didn't want to do anything too permanent.

I decided to just use ribbon instead of a rod
and use the existing (from the blinds) brackets.
I also used some handy dandy hem tape to make it even easier.
I measured and cut to make sure the material was just right,
I made a quick hem at the top of the material,
and then I ran the ribbon through, making sure to pull it really taught.

I wrapped it around several time to make sure it was secure,
and then fed the extra through the hole at the bottom so that it wouldn't stick out.
This next part is going to look really cheap, but I promise you can't see it.
I used a little sticky hook (package of 6 for $.93)
and tied a ribbon around it to use as a tie back.

Let's refresh your memory on the BEFORE:

Here's the after!
Not bad for $5 and about 30 minutes work (or less).
Here it is tied back:
(I used black ribbon to tie the cabinets in a little)
The only problem now,
is that I am frustrated that it took me so long to do this.